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Was it really 40 years ago today that the astronauts walked on the moon? Where were you and what were you doing when this hit the news?

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Comment by Tom Abbott on August 5, 2009 at 1:57am
Hi, Melody. Probably the reason you don't remember my "huge crush" was because I kept it to myself for various reasons(a current girlfriend, fear of rejection, shyness, etc). But believe me, it was there.

A minor correction: Although I was stationed at the Marine Combat Base at Phu Bai for a period of time, I was in the Army, not the Marines.

Right after High School, I attempted to enlist in the Marines when they were offering what they called the "Recon" program which consisted of about six months of combat training and then a 13 month tour of duty in South Vietnam, and then you were discharged from the service, but right before I was going to sign up, they did away with that particular program and increased the length of service to four years.

The Navy and Air Force programs were also four years in length, and the Army allowed you to sign up for three years of duty, so I went with the Army. And by volunteering for a second tour in South Vietnam, I was able to knock off an additional five months from my service obligation. So I served a total of 31 months, 19 of those being in South Vietnam.

And yes, I know very well that you are a blonde, Melody. The first time I saw you I couldn't take my eyes off you. "Who is that!', I said. BTW, this is not a comeon, just a little truth telling.

I really enjoyed playing football for AR, but I hated it when our school administration decided that our new ninth grade cheerleaders would be picked on the basis of academics rather than by popular vote as it had always been done in the past.

My greatest regret though was when I signed a petition that tried to reverse the administration's decision to pick cheerleaders based on their grades. I signed the letter because I was outraged that the school administration had taken the decision out of the students' hands, but in doing so I feel I hurt the feelings of the girls who had been picked to be the cheerleaders by the administration.

They were just as much victims of this ridiculous new policy as the rest of us but the petition made it seem like they were unacceptable replacements, which was certainly not the case as far as I was concerned.

I have always regretted that I may have given these girls the impression that I thought they were unacceptable because my signature was on that petition and if it were in my power I would change that action of mine this very minute.

The girls who were picked were wonderful, beautiful girls. They were friends of mine. Their only fault was being a little smarter and/or industrious than the rest, and they certainly did not deserve to be ostrasized because of some school administrators idea of "fairness" and an overreaction on the part of their fellow students.

I'll regret that signature and the harm it may have caused to some of my best friends feelings until the day I die.

I guess this is "pour out your Soul for all to see" time. Perhaps I need to stick to arguing with the morons on Usenet. But then again, maybe not. You've got me spilling my guts, Melody.

I haven't had too many heart- to-heart conversations with old friends for a long time. Forgive me if I go on and on ad naseum.

As for the Moon landings and space development in general, I spent the first four or five years I was on the internet arguing the hows and whys and wherefores of space development with like-minded individuals in the Usenet discussion groups.

I wrote thousands of posts on the subject on Usenet which have been archived by Google in their Google groups (they archive everything you write on Usenet unless you specifically instruct them not to). If anyone has a lot of time on their hands, is interested in space development, and has a fairly thick skin to withstand the abuse sometimes included in Usenet posts then go to Google groups and do a search on my name and you'll find enough to keep you busy for quite some time.

I've reduced my Usenet posting a lot of late because I don't suffer fools gladly much anymore, and there are a lot of fools on Usenet, so lately I just have my say on Usenet, and leave the arguing about it to others who enjoy such things.

I've even been known to take a political stand or two on occasion, in Alt.Politics.

In June, I asked my nephew Kyle, what he wanted for his 26th birthday, and he replied that he couldn't believe that he was already almost 26 years old and how quickly time seemed to be passing. I told Kyle that he hadn't seen anything yet, that the older you get the quicker the time goes. It really is pretty amazing how it works.

It will be interesting to see what comes next. Something good, I hope.

Comment by Melody Ann Jones Richardson on August 4, 2009 at 9:46pm
Hey Tom - How are you doing? I can still remember alot about the 7th grade - but I don't remember anything about your "huge crush" but that is a nice compliment. I see that you were a Marine and want to say Thank you for serving our country. My Dad and older half brother were very proud Marines. Those were exciting days - but I can't believe it was that long ago that we watched the astronauts walk on the moon. I never could understand my Dad telling me the older you get the faster time seems to go until I experienced it myself. Nice to hear from an ex Alice Robertson Warrior. Go Maroon and Gold! Take care. Melody
Comment by Tom Abbott on August 4, 2009 at 4:55pm
I was at the Marine Combat Base in Phu Bai, South Vietnam when the walk on the Moon took place. We didn't get to see a live broadcast, it was delayed until film of the event could be flown over to South Vietnam (no instant visual communications back then) but that did not dampen my excitement for what was taking place. We did get to hear what was going on over the radio in realtime.

What i find really hard to believe is that we have not returned to the Moon since that decade.

Is this the same Melody Jones I had such a huge crush on in seventh grade?

Tom Abbott

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