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5 SEO guidelines For Your Fashion E Commerce Website

Having a fashion e commerce website can be an excellent business, but in order to sell your clothes and accessories, you’ve got to get people onto your website first.

A great way to boost website traffic and increase your sales is to use search engine optimization. This is a method that helps rank your website higher on search engines, which leads to views and visibility for your site.

This is important considering almost half of all e-commerce traffic comes from a Google search.

Keep reading to learn 5 SEO tips for your fashion website.

1. Website Layout This might not seem related to SEO, but it definitely has a huge impact on both SEO as well as keeping customers on your website.

Try and keep things looking neat and ordered on your main page by putting products in distinct categories. This will make the products easy to find and also easily searchable, which will boost your SEO.

The categories and organization serve to create keywords built right into your website. If you look at NICKI brand’s official site, you can see how they’ve clearly separated the items into categories, which makes the site easy to sort through and easy to search for.

2. Fashion E Commerce Website Keyword Research We mention keywords earlier, so let’s define them. Keywords are specific things that people often type into search engines.

Doing keyword research is a huge part of SEO; you want to include keywords people often search for within your fashion e commerce website, so that your site will show up when people search for those words.

However, you want to be careful not to use generic keywords that hundreds of other sites are using. Think about it: people might often search for “black boots”, but how many hundreds of thousands of websites use the words “black boots” as their product page names?

Stick to more unique keywords and make sure your product pages named after the product itself instead of generic, overused descriptors.

3. Unique Product Pages A mistake many sites make is to re-use the same names and descriptions of products for multiple different product pages. By implementing unique meta for each product page, your website will stand out in search results against websites using similar meta for multiple products.

4. Remove Out of Stock Items Have you ever tried to go to a product, have it been out of stock, and then the website re-directed you somewhere else? It is annoying, to say the least, and it can frustrate your customers, leading them away from your site.

If you’re out of an item or a product, you should remove it from your pages and update the product page to reflect the stock status. Keep the customers on your website by suggested alternate items on the page as well.

5. Fashion Blog Having a fashion blog on your website can be tricky, but when done right, blogging can be a great way to increase your traffic and boost SEO.

Avoid creating a blog that is sales-y or that pushes your own products too much. Good content can boost brand recognition, conversion rates, and customer engagement, which brings more people to your site and increases your ranking.

Bottom Line Your clothes can be the most trendy and stylish things out there right now, but that won’t mean anything if you can’t get people on your site. Following these strategies is a great way to increase your fashion website’s rankings and increase website traffic.

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