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8 Key Points to Remember while Working a Multi-Niche Blog site

A lot should be taken care of while operating a multi specialized niche blog, as you will always be under the eye of Google. Thus make sure you keep these 8 points in mind while working on your blog.

1. Post Content Daily- 1 Ain’t Enough This is where it all begins and also where it can end. A variable niche blog means that you must keep an eye on every category and be sure to preserve it updated. And even this can be done only when you start posting daily and by daily We don’t mean 1-2 articles. You should post atleast 4+ articles daily.

2. Publish on all Niche categories – You possess a “MULTI-NICHE blog” That can be seen on many multiniche weblogs that after a month possibly even, the categories start vanishing. People stop posting on all niche regularly and so they tend to post on just 1-2 niches. The reason why they start doing this is due to “TRAFFIC” they get from some categories. This is a good thing but if you want to get your site a good authority overall and also when getting included well in google information then you must look after your categories.

3. Don’t Operate Alone – Hire writers or Help make a team Doing work alone on such a blog can be hectic and you can miss out on many things. In addition posting daily and that too more than 3 articles (atleast) can cause not enough quality in content which inturn can affect a lot. And so its recommended to make a team and work accordingly, this is likely to make things easier and effective. You can also go for hiring content authors but be sure to don’t compromise with the quality of your articles.

4. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION should be Almost everywhere – Niche Doesn’t Matter One more point that can lead to a complete failure of your multi specific niche market blog is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION optimization. It is discovered on many such websites that SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION is not being adopted. Such sites without SEO optimized content and site are not able to live for long, an update can kill them completely and if you feel updates don’t come much often, check out Mozcast yourself.

So make sure to post well improved content with proper use of Planning tags, image features, permalink, keyword consumption and all those points that come under On-Page SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION.

Infact better SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION can help you get good search positions and even more importantly you can stick upon your rankings which many sites are unsuccessful to.

5. Program – WordPress Advised If you ask me this question Let me straight away point to Live journal. This doesn’t signify blogger is bad or blogger should not be used but the reason behind it is the control you get. Multi-niche blogs have many categories and various types of posts (including movie reviews) and all this can be done effectivly with WordPress. Multiple authors can be been able well according to roles as well in WP.

Furthermore you can choose from a extensive variety of custom themes that you cannot get on doodlekit platform.

However if you don’t wish to invest, you can still go with blogger. Right now there won’t be any negatives in terms of ranking and SEO.

6. Stay away from Link Building Producing backlinks for a multi niche website is one more mistake that many guys do and later on they start facing the negative consequences than it. Avoid making links, the reason I am saying this is because you will be placing good number of SEO optimized content and daily, this is something that Google loves. Plus if you follow something that Yahoo loves, then you will be compensated and in this case Authority and high rankings will be your gift.

And so don’t go for link building, any girl do is start sharing your articles on Social mass media and other content sharing websites to improve your social signals.

7. Monetization – AdSense is the better Well when it comes to making money from your site, the first ad network that concerns our mind is Google AdSense. Which should be your main target, whenever you start getting good traffic on daily schedule apply for an account if your content is unique you will end up surely accepted.

Start monetizing the blog with AdSense ads, don’t over optimize it. Typically the Ad-CTR may be really low but you need not to worry about it since its very common on these niches.

Also you can try on affiliate marketing with your blog and feel me, dedicated posts promoting some bargains or a product works effectively. I made over 1000$ with just one posts using one of my multi specific niche market blogs.

Moreover once you get a good Alexa, AG and other metrics, you will have contacted by many sponsors for paid reviews. Get for them but it will surely also add upward to your income.

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8. Remain calm – This is the CRUCIAL This might not sound that heavy but this point holds the continuing future of your multi-niche blog. You have to be well patient enough for the initial couple of several weeks and maintain frequency.

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