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Bass Reeves Legacy Lawmen & Outlaw Tour

Bass Reeves Legacy 

Lawmen & Outlaw Tour

September 12th 2014

Tickets available online here or by calling 918-686-6624


U.S Deputy Marshal and Muskogee, Oklahoma Police Officer

Bass Reeves roamed the American West for more than three decades, chasing murderers, thieves and whiskey smugglers. He usually either brought his outlaw in or left him dead.

Reeves was born into a Paris, Texas, slave family circa 1838, and was the first African-American to be commissioned a U.S. deputy marshal in the flatlands west of the Mississippi River.  Read more...
The story of Bass Reeves comes to life with the Bass Reeves Legacy Lawmen and Outlaw tour held yearly at Three Rivers Museum in Muskogee, Oklahoma and co-sponsored by Downtown Muskogee, Inc. Bass chased the bad guys throughout Indian Territory and beyond as a Deputy U.S. Marshal under Judge Isaac S. Parker, U.S. Court for the Western District of Arkansas but his life changed when Oklahoma became a state November 16, 1907 and enacted the Jim Crow laws, preventing him from continuing as a deputy marshal.  Bass didn't let that stop him from upholding the law and became instead an officer for the Police Department for the City of Muskogee. He walked his beat at night through the streets of downtown Muskogee assuring the safety of the community's citizens.

The beat that Bass walked is the focus of our tour.  Trolleys follow Bass's route while the guide on board tells his story, meeting such characters as Judge Shackelford, newspaper woman Ora Edleman Reed, Grant and Carolyn Foreman, lawmen Bud Ledbetter and Bass's wife Winnie and daughter Alice.  A gunfight or two sometimes takes place when the bad guys come in to town.

Returning to Three Rivers Museum, a delicious meal awaits brought to you by Runt's BBQ (cobbler for dessert!) with music afterward at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame and Museum

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