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Beautiful Calm Harp Music with Flute Melody for Relaxation and Sleep

Here is our latest track "Shangri-La Dreams", it contains calming harp music with flute, bird song and soft piano. This instrumental was written and performed by "Shy Little Panda", it is ideal if you need some music to fall asleep to or simply to relax.

© Shy Little Panda - Written by Ren Dwight.
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Did you know that listening to certain kinds of music can improve your concentration and focus? Research has shown that listening to relaxing classical pieces can increase your concentration, with the right kind of music it can shift your brainwaves from Beta to Alpha. Instrumental pieces are best for concentration because the brain does not listen to the lyrics, it just follows the melody.

Despite its name, classical music has long been considered one of the best types of music for study, this type of musical composition has a calming effect and has been shown to improve a student's focus. Students also perform better on tests when listening to this type of music, try listening to Beethoven's "Fur Elise" which has been known to help students focus and study longer.

The sound of the flute is recognized to help people reduce the stress and anxiety associated with everyday life and constant pressures, such as deadlines, and time schedules. Because of its calming effects, flute music is also beneficial for people with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, by helping people relax when they're stressed and reducing their blood pressure, can even boost the immune system, making it an important part of treating several diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease

In addition to easing stress and boosting your immune system, flute music can also improve your sleeping habits, with its soothing sound can even in some cases be known to cure insomnia.

Listening to piano music can improve your focus, which can increase your productivity and profitability. So, whether you want to learn to play the piano or improve your meditation skills, listening to pieces of work with the piano incorporated can lessen your negativity and increase your positive thoughts. The vibrations of the strings, and the wood being impacted, will help you let the stress release from the body and leave a feeling of calmness. Watch how your mood changes into a peaceful mode, relaxing your muscles, and a feeling of peacefulness will surround you.

Bird songs through the centuries have taught us so many things, birds will only sing when they feel safe, in the past when the birds stop singing people would start to worry. Perhaps that is why we feel at peace when we are listening to the beautiful bird song, it invokes the feeling of safety in us. Especially the songbird, studies have shown that this consistently will improve your mood and mental awareness. Way back before we had devices to awaken us in the morning the bird song would signal the start of a brand-new day.

Research has found that certain bird sounds will change our thought patterns and offer relief from mental stress, improving our mood and mental awareness.

A study in a thoracic unit found that harp music can reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen saturation. Another study in a medical unit looked at the effects of live harp music on patients with a traumatic illness, results showed that participants with PTSD experienced significant reductions in RR and systolic BP, additionally, it had a beneficial effect on the muscles in the arms and legs.

Researchers believe that this study can help people deal with a variety of medical conditions, for example, the effects of listening to relaxing harp music can reduce restlessness, resulting in a more peaceful state.

The harp plucking produces a soft sound, and when used as a relaxation tool produces a moment of stillness. The body unwinds, and blood pressure reduces.

The calming sounds of a harp can also help us fall asleep faster, according to a study conducted by Julia Dawson, a harp's vibrations can reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. The harp's sound is also said to be able to calm a nervous patient prior to surgery, in a similar way, a symphony can soothe a patient before a major procedure.

Another benefit of listening to a harp before bedtime is that it reduces the time it takes to fall asleep. During the study, women with insomnia took between 27 and 69 minutes to fall asleep, while it may be a myth, research has shown that a harp's sounds can make a person feel more relaxed and sleep faster. Similarly, it can induce a deep sense of peace and calm.

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