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Epilepsy is a type of neurological disorder that affects the central nervous system (the brain) causing abnormal brain activity which results in seizures, altered behavior, loss of awareness and sensations. Seizures occur because the brain has bursts of electrical activity. Anyone can get epilepsy and it usually lasts a lifetime, although in some cases in can improve over time. Symptoms of epilepsy include involuntary shaking, sudden loss of awareness, stiffness, unusual bodily sensations (changes in taste, smell), and collapsing. However, it can be managed through various means. Most treatments include medicines known as anti-epileptic drugs, but in some cases, surgery can treat a part of the brain that is causing the epileptic episodes, and a device can be placed within the body as well. While the bursts of electrical activity cause the seizures in the first place, the cause of that abnormal activity is still unclear.
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