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We now have had a great deal of customers visiting us that are new to the snow - and are having difficulties to find basic information about how precisely the mountain operates and the processes of actually getting upward the mountain and organized for a great day

Therefore for your convenience, we have merged an article for anyone who programs of visiting one of the ski fields to either snow-play, ski or snowboard and to make sure your day runs as ok as you possibly can. If you're familiar with everything in this article - you're good to go!

VERY FIRST TIME? If this is your first time to Mt Ruapehu, Whakapapa, or Turoa please read become familiar with what we list out below. It will make your journey so much better!

Gone are the days of just driving to the mountain and expecting to drive up the road and park…to avoid disappointment you REQUIRE to PLAN your visit in progress, whether you are skiing and boarding or maybe actively playing or sightseeing.

ROADS AND PARKING STREETS: The Bruce Street [Whakapapa Skifield] and the Ohakune Mountain Road [Turoa Skifield] are manipulated by the skifield operator Ruapehu Alpine Lifts [RAL] during the winter.

RAL is the only body that determines whether or not the road will be -

OPEN [to all traffic], or RESTRICTED [to 4WD vehicles or 2WD vehicles with chains, or both], or, CLOSED [to all traffic]. If the road conditions are icy and dangerous they might make it RESTRICTED in which case they will enforce the use of 4WD vehicles and or 2WD vehicles with stores, or both.

They may CLOSE the road if this it very severe conditions such as a blizzard or gale force winds or both.

Restrictions and closures are particularly common during June, Come july 1st & August

To know more details visit here: Mount Ruapehu

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