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How to make a million in nursing Book by Jane John-Nwankwo RN, Ph.D

This book is a must read by not just nurses, but every healthcare professional

Comments from real readers
"This book contains all the knowledge and encouragement a nurse needs to get started in her own business. Many real life examples illustrate what a nurse can do! Don't wait to get this book today and get started on your journey to success and financial freedom" - Linnea Stonebraker, RN, PhD
"The knowledge and experience that this book provides will give you the leverage that you need to WIN BIG" -Annilia Mosley, MBA

"This book provides both personal insights and practical guides to successful business enterpreneurship in today's challenging economy" -Hope Obioma Dike, MA

"...The writing is very interactive, easy to understand" - Anthea Peter, MPH

"As the owner of three successful businesses, I have included my success stories and mistakes to properly equip nurses for success. The information in this book is worth a few thousands of dollars seminar" - Jane John-Nwankwo, RN, Ph.D (Author)

Purchase now. Click on the link below​
Purchase now! Click on the link below

To know mor details check out here:

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