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The #1 Secret to Manifesting (You Won't Find Anywhere Else On YouTube)

Thanks so much for watching The #1 Secret to Manifesting (You Won't Find Anywhere Else On YouTube) The Guru's are 'Forgetting' to tell you this! I have searched everywhere on YouTube myself searching topics like "How to use Law of Attraction" and "How to manifest anything" and even "Anchoring" itself when I first learned this technique because I wanted to know more. Mainly I wanted an exercise that I could walk through with someone who might be an expert at it, but lo and behold, I literally couldn't find it anywhere! Or if someone did mention the technique, they simply breezed over it so quickly that if you blinked you missed it. Even when I would type in the keyword for the technique itself, "anchoring", I'd get NLP video's talking about an entirely different type of anchoring. I will do more content on this technique later on, as I truly believe that this specific technique is the one major piece missing for most of us when it comes to manifesting. And since no one else is talking about it, well that is what makes it a "secret", and it shouldn't be. I'll be posting a meditation at some point as well, either here or on my new website, so that you have a fun new way to walk through it. Hopefully making it even more impactful having someone there to walk you through it. But for now, every time you have a great memory come to mind, start writing it down and then use it in your manifestation meditations. And be sure to begin implementing this right away and every day. Start making it a habit! This way you not only get your manifestations much faster, but so you don't eventually forget to do it! Most of the time this is our biggest challenge. It's not that we don;t know what to do! It's that we don't remember to do it! This is how we get in our own way! We don't make it a priority! Procrastination costs us! And sometimes, It costs us everything! Anchoring is the tool that will (once and for all) show you how to make your dreams come true! Allow yourself to have your dream life today! And for God sake's please SHARE this video!?! Help someone else too, to discover that they truly CAN have the life they've always desired! Be a blessing to one another! It can only make this world a much better place for you & I!
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Translated titles:
El secreto # 1 para manifestarse (no encontrarás en ningún otro lugar en YouTube)

# 1 गुप्त प्रकट करने के लिए (आप YouTube पर कही

ظاہر کرنے کا # 1 راز (آپ کو یوٹیوب پر کہیں بھی نہیں ملے گا)

Bí mật số 1 để thể hiện (Bạn sẽ không tìm thấy bất cứ nơi nào khác trên

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