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Top five reason to opt for a custom lithium ion battery power for your golf cart

If you are a good avid golfer searching to upgrade your own golf cart battery you would certainly want the one which boosts efficiency and improves performance for your own cart. The indisputable choice then is usually the latest associated with lithium-ion batteries such as 48v 20ah lithium-ion battery or 48-volt lithium-ion forklift battery pack. Here are the particular top five factors why we say so.

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Reduces the weight of your cart

When you have any kind of experience by using a lead acid battery, you can not but have observed how the massive almost all it, slows down however, most lightweight of automobiles. The heavier your own battery, the more the particular chances of it making your trolley in to a monstrosity pulling along, particularly if the turf is moist. Comparatively, a lithium-ion battery cuts lower the vehicle bodyweight drastically, making manoeuvrability much easier. More, uphill climb (which is really a standard concern with lead acid solution batteries) turns into a breeze when your trolley has a lithium-ion battery.

Improves speeding

Being lightweight (as in comparison to lead acid solution batteries) and effective, a lithium battery increases speed plus acceleration functions associated with your cart. With greater power you can course also through uneven surfaces without glitches. This particular increases the high quality of what you like significantly.

Less susceptible to heat fluctuations

When improving your golf trolley battery, you desire a good all-weather battery such as a lithium-ion which makes it easy that you should play your favourite sport round the year. Being a lead acid solution battery owner that will could possibly have been difficult, because, come wintertime plus they get started in order to drain charge quicker, thus slowing a person down in the middle of your own game! Lithium-ion electric batteries may show the slight decrease in power in severe climate conditions, but this will still not impact the quality of your game.

Long enduring

When a golf battery reaches its optimum number of cycles, it will begin in order to show signs associated with a breakdown. In situation of a guide acid battery it could be anything from 800-1000 cycles while with regard to lithium ion electric batteries it can be as numerous as 2000 process. A lithium ion golf cart battery pack may thus final up to 10 yrs while a lead acid battery might require a substitute over five.

Environmental friendly

By utilizing much less power and bettering efficiency of your trolley, you are cutting your carbon footprint thereby making your trolley more efficient. More, if you are ready in order to replace your battery, lithium-ion batteries may be easily reused with much lower strain on the particular environment. Hence, simply by selecting a lithium-ion battery pack, you happen to be also producing an eco-friendly option.

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As is apparent from the above-mentioned points, a lithium-ion battery is lengthy lasting, reduces your energy bills, will save time and cash for maintenance plus finally is an eco-friendly choice. Thus, it provides greater value for money with time.

While traditionalists might still assume that lead acid batteries are usually cheaper, these points may be place forward in preference of lithium-ion batteries Thus, when seeking out the proper battery for your own golf cart, a lithium-ion battery is the smart choice you can make.

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