Muskogee Central High Class of 1967

Still "Doin' It" after all these years (breathing)

A Note from Julie Ann West Tucker‎ on Facebook

I would have graduated with the class of 1967 in Muskogee had we not moved to Oktaha my 5th grade year. I still have lots of good memories and am in contact with a few of these wonderful people that I was in first grade with. If you have any INFORMATION about any of these people I would love to know about them. Here is what I do know...I know we lost Carolyn Eskridge, Paula Slaughter, and most recently Marsha Severance. I am in contact with Chris Cunningham, Rhonda Jones, Gary McFadden and Frances Haynes. I was in Mrs. Nelson's 2nd grade class, Miss Lemon's 3rd grade class and Mrs. Foshee (Foshay?) class in 4th grade at Houston Elementary School in Muskogee. I may have been a classmate of yours but there was no picture during those years so I don't know names as well as I do this first grade group. I was in a play, Mothergoose rhymes....Anyway I would love to know about my old friends. Thanks for any info.
 — withFrances LeAnne Haynes.

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