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AIM: Action in Muskogee Community Visioning Process

AIM: Action in Muskogee Community Visioning Process


Building a brighter future for Muskogee and the surrounding area - that's what AIM seeks to do.

Through five public community visioning sessions, the insights, priorities and visions of more than 370 area residents were compiled into an Action in Muskogee (AIM) Plan to make this a more vibrant community in which to live, work, learn and play.
The AIM Plan identified eight initiatives to improve Muskogee:
  • Educational Excellence
  • Safe and Secure Community
  • Strong Economy
  • Community Pride
  • Clean and Beautiful Community
  • Great Place to Live and Visit
  • Health and Wellness
  • Community Infrastructure
We still need YOUR participation!
The community visioning sessions and initial plan were starting points. Now, the next phase begins...and we need your continued voice and insights as we move forward as a community.

AIM Survey Results: View the results from the AIM Community Survey. The survey responses were collected from May-June 2013, and includes input from 644 respondents about what developments and attractions they would like to see in Muskogee's future. These findings will be used to help determine priorities for our community.

AIM Combined Initiative Committees

AIM Committees: serve on a committee created to address each of the eight initiatives.

AIM Calendar: stay up-to-date on committee meetings and other AIM events.

AIM Fact Sheet

AIM Reveal
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Now that we have a plan, it's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work!
Bring a friend. It’s time to take AIM: Action in Muskogee!
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AIM Community Calendar
News & Articles
Community Visioning Planning Sessions
Steering Committee
Initiative Committees

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AIM: Action in Muskogee Survey Results 7-19-13
AIM: Action in Muskogee Final Plan 2-5-13
AIM: Update from Chair Tim Faltyn 2-5-13
AIM: Volunteer Commitment Form 10-8-12
AIM: Invitation from Mayor Bob Coburn 10-3-12
AIM: Action in Muskogee_Overview & Responsbility 10-3-12
AIM: Action in Muskogee Brochure 8-20-12
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AIM Video # 1: Lisa Wade Raasch 8-28-2012
AIM Video # 2: Rev. Marlon Coleman 8-28-2012
Real. Okie. - Muskogee Video 9-22-2012

Action in Muskogee (AIM) is a project of the Muskogee City-County Port Authority to develop a community inspired implementation plan with accountability to improve Muskogee.

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