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Noted author and historian Art Burton will be keynote speaker at the Bass Reeves Legacy Tour and History Conference on June 27th. The one day event will be hosted by Muskogee’s Three Rivers Museum and will feature the Bass Reeves Legacy Tour with live re-enactors.

Burton, the author of three books about lawmen and outlaws in Oklahoma and Indian Territory is an Oklahoma Native who also was a university professor in Chicago Illinois. His book, Black Gun, Silver Star was optioned by Hollywood actor and movie producer Morgan Freeman to be used as the source material for the H.B.O. mini-series about the life of the legendary Old West Lawman Bass Reeves. The H.B.O production has made Burton a sought after presenter and he has been christened, “the Larry McMurtry” of the Twin Territories. McMurtry, author of the Lonesome Dove series about fictional characters of the Texas Rangers became internationally famous once his book series was developed into a mini-series. The same notoriety seems to be destined for Art Burton.

Reeves, the longest serving U.S. Deputy Marshal of the Old West was also the first African-American appointed to serve as a Deputy Marshal west of the Mississippi. His exploits during the manhunts and arrests of more than 3000 wanted fugitives over his 30 year career mark him as one of, if not the most successful lawman in U.S. history. So successful, it is believed his exploits inspired the fictional character The Lone Ranger and later the story and character in the movie western Hang ‘em High starring Clint Eastwood.

Reeves whose last tour of duty was as a policeman in Muskogee Oklahoma is also buried in the city and the beat that he walked during his final years of service as a lawman are followed during the tour part of the Bass Reeves Legacy Tour and History Conference.
The fun event includes a trolley tour with period costumed guide hosts at different trolley stops, a performance by the Indian Territory Pistoliers, history presentations, lunch and a keynote address by Art Burton.

A press conference and book signing will be held with Mr. Burton on Friday June 26th. For additional information: Three Rivers Museum at 918-686-6624 and to purchase tickets go to

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