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Still "Doin' It" after all these years (breathing)

Hello Classmates,
There has been lots of talk of not waiting until 2017 to have another Class Reunion.  With that a 45th Muskogee Central Class of 1967 is planned for May 25 & 26, 2012. That will be Memorial Weekend, hopefully that will allow more time for those who need to travel. 
A committee meeting will be held on Saturday, Sept 10, at Miss Addies at noon for any & all who would like to help with the planning.  This committee will not have to hunt people down, because we have kinda kept up with each other since the 40th. Just Party planning! will be our official web site, thanks to Mike Simpson & event info will be posted there, when plans are finalized.  Meanwhile check this site out, lots of Class of 67 pictures & conversation!
A "Save the Date" Postcard will be mailed out later.  If you have any addresses of Classmates that are not getting emails please pass them along, (its so much cheaper & easier). A "Lost List" is attached, if you know where any listed are please pass it along.
If you haven't been to any of the other 4 Class of 67 Reunions we hope you will come this time, we want to see everyone!
Hope to see a crowd on Sept 10th!
Susie Peterson Lawrence

Lost List



Baker McNeill, Brenda

Baker, James Gibson

Bratton, Alta

Bunting, Charles Edward

Carter, Miles Ashley

Chaney Lowery, Doris Annette

Clark, Linda

Cox, Arthur Dale

Daniels, David Barkley

Davis  McFarland ,Mary

Davis, Skip

Dewberry, Sandy

Duke, David lee

Easley Chastain, Wanda Faye

Evans, Buddy

Foreman, Janis

Forrest, Roger

Gayer Gardner, Marsha Gayle

Gisbon Marrs, Doris

George, James Franklin

Hall, Billy Wayne (in Wagoner, no  good address)

Han George, Diana Kay

Harrison, Terry

Henning, Rita

Henderson, Robert Eugene

Herout Jerman, Charlene

Hicks Leon Theordore

Higgins, Joynce Leann

Holland, Greg Martin

Hunter, Framklin B.

Janaway, Danny Roy

Jenness, Michael Ray

Jones, Helen Marie

Jones, Janis

Jobe Bennight, Joyce Lynn

Kennedy, Dale Lee

Kennedy, Laney S..

Keyser, Michelle

Kilpatrick Love,

 Mary Frances

Lamer, Richard Calvin

Landsford Freeman, Crucina

Lewis, Thomas  William

Lindley. Dennis Ray

Magpie, Calvin

Majors, Kathryn Elizabeth

Marshall Harding, Susan

Maxon Brown, Susan Jane

Maynard, Gary Loye

McCormick, Maureen

McEnntyre, Dearl Lee

McGrath Wicks, Helen

McIntosh, Benjamin James

Miller Edwards, Diana Sue

Moody, Leland

Morgan, David Lynn

Morris, Cynthia Noel

Morris, Michael Wayne

Murphy, Marcia

O’Brien Thompson,

Molly Ann

Osage, India Sue

Page Richard, Linda Mae

Page, Mike R.

Parker, Thomas Lloyd

Patterson Hawkins,

 Donna Maria

Priest Hayner, Barbara Jean

Reece, Michael LeRoy

Reece Morton, Barbara Mae

Reno, David Leah

Rhea, Houston

Riley Gugello, Beverly Ann

Rogers Napier, Sandra Kay

Rouse, Chester

Russell Boatman, Margaret

Salyer, Anita (in Ft Gibson no good address)

Sheilds, Jack

Shipley, Jack

Simpson Colburn, Marie Oleta

Smith Harrison, Dana

Smith, Danny Fay

Sonday, Carolyn

Stacy, Charles

Stewart, John Ray

Stone, Jim Alan

Stovall Carnes., Arlene

Stufflebeam James,

Sherry Jean

Tatum Jennings, Edith Jean

Timmons, Paul Elton

Thomason Dugan, Linda Mae

Van Dyne Bates, Brenda


Wanasek Bunevich,

Larrie Anne

Ward, Janis Faye

Walters Hayes, Donna Susan

Welch, Ann

Webster Fowler, Shirley

Wilkerson, William James

Williams, Verben Travis

Woodard Baker, Beverly

Wright, Paul

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