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Soft Flute and Piano Music with Harp and Bird Song for Relaxation

Our relaxing new track "The Lonely Piper" contains flute, harp, piano and the beautiful sound of birds singing by running water. This combination of calming sounds is ideal if you wish to relax or gently fall asleep. The sound of the flute will lure you into a delightful dream state, as will the tranquil harp plucks and the soft murmurs of the ivory piano keys.

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There are many reasons to listen to soothing music. It can be used to calm the mind before a big event, or to soundtrack activities that otherwise may cause stress. When used to help relax the mind, music can reduce stress and reframe negative thoughts. Even listening to soothing music while driving can help you feel more relaxed, it can even help you get through a long journey home after a tough day at the office.

The effects of soothing music may be attributed to the musical beats per minute (BPM), but other factors are also at play. Major tones are associated with happy or sad music, while minor tones are associated with complex or dissonant music. In addition, the way music sounds affects our heart rate and breathing is crucial to its effects on our mental state. Aside from relaxing our minds, music can also reduce our feelings of social isolation and sadness.

Research has shown that listening to relaxing music can improve sleep and reduce stress. Research has found that listening to music with a 60 BPM rate causes brainwaves to change to alpha, which are the most relaxed and calming. This type of brainwave changes can be as beneficial as some medication. The effects of relaxing music can even be felt even before you go to sleep. However, before listening to any type of music, you should find a piece of music that you like. This way, you can try out different types of music and find the ones that work for you.

One study used flute music as a method for deep trauma healing, it was found to help participants re-enter trauma-induced states of consciousness. These expanded states allowed them to access memories and affects in a less anxiety-inducing manner, the benefits of flute music go far beyond treating psychological ailments. It can promote greater perceptions of interconnection and consciousness, and open up the doors to spirituality. The benefits of flute music can be utlized in the healing process of many types of trauma and illnesses.

The ancient Indian flute is said to connect dissociated parts of the self, the flute is associated with the divine breath and with the spirit of the ancients. Ancient flute music may even help you develop an expanded sense of interconnectedness. And if you're looking for a way to heal, flute music could be the perfect tool. For centuries, flute music has been used as a healing method in both religions and traditional cultures.

While it's difficult to pinpoint exactly how flute music works, the benefits of listening to flute music are numerous. The benefits of music therapy have been documented as far back as ancient Greece. It was used to cure mental disorders, enhance military morale, and ward off evil spirits. Modern research also has linked the benefits of music to a wide range of health benefits, from boosting immune system function to relieving stress. Furthermore, music has been shown to improve the health of premature babies. However, different types of sound therapy have varied effects on the brain and body.

Harp music also has therapeutic benefits. It is known to equalize brain waves, and induce restful sleep. Listeners are able to access a state of inner peace conducive to healing, harmonic harp music helps people access states of calmness that are conducive to self-healing. This is because the body's restorative systems are balanced and can naturally heal itself, music is a truly amazing thing.

The Sound of harp music can help you relax; during a listening session it is so easy to fall asleep. The harp can help you sleep better and reduce stress; everyone should experience the sound of the harpist's touch and melody. If you listen to the right harpist, you'll find that this kind of music is all that you need to get your mind and body back to a “super relaxed” state of mind.

Many of us may have heard that silence is the best form medicine, but did you know that in a recent study, researchers found that listening to music prior to bedtime could improve several subjective and objective sleep parameters. Music is said to reduce stress hormone cortisol, release neurotransmitters and nudge the nervous system from "fight or flight" mode to a state of "rest and digest". Listening to music helps you block out outside noises while you sleep, it is similar to using a white noise machine, which emits steady noise that drowns out intermittent background noises.

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