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That Day in May by Michael Steward Haynes

I jsut came across this and thought some of you might remember it and would appreciate reading it again.

(I didn't get Mike's permission to post this.  I would ask but I don't know how to contact him.  And no, we are not related as far as we know.)


That Day In May

by Michael Steward Haynes

May, 1967


Twelve years ago began it all,

One pretty day not late in fall.

We made new friends with which to play,

It started all upon that day.

The years did come and quickly go,

As now we gaze and truly know.

They seem as they were just a dream,

A babbling brook or silent stream.

We know not where the years have gone,

It does not seem its been that long,

We grew and learned and had much fun,

For then our trip had just begun.

Six years had passed along the way,

The end did come one day in May.


As now we pressed still higher yet,

The world our goal as we had set.

New friends we made and and good ones, too.

We gained a lot but lost a few.

Three years we spent and worked as one.

A time of love, a time of fun.

But not to stop and here to stay,

We left this, too, one day in May.


Still higher we were pressing on,

A few had come, a few had gone.

Our days we count a numbered few,

Some were gay, and some were blue.

These years our mind will sure recall,

We'll frown on some, but love them all.

No greater tie can ever be.

Than one small word, the word is "we".

We sang, we cried, we laughed a lot,

And all we did we grudge it not.


And Now our days, as one, are few,

And then we'll have to start anew.

We'll never be again as one,

Though all the things we've said and done.

And soon upon that day in May,

We'll all diverge and go our ways.

Our goals are now in God's own Heaven,

Long Live the Class of Sixty-Seven.


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Comment by David Higbee on October 20, 2011 at 11:47am
As far as I know, Mike is still a doctor, living in Augusta, Georgia.
Comment by Tony Paul Hodges on April 28, 2011 at 1:38pm
Thanks for putting this up, Frances.  Stirs some emotion and a lot of memories.

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